Collection: Pebbles

You who like to surround yourself with the energy of stones and call upon their fantastic powers, you will love our lithotherapy stone pebbles .

Larger in size than the pebbles found on the market, they will allow you to fully benefit from the beneficial vibration of the crystals. In addition, for their creation, we select high quality stones with certified authenticity .

So, whether for an energy treatment session, work on a chakra , or in meditation, let yourself be carried away by the waves of our natural stone pebbles . Agate , amethyst , tourmaline or even labradorite … you will definitely find the pebble that suits you!

Karma Yoga Shop pebbles, premium lithotherapy at your fingertips

What could be more pleasant than the gentle sensation of a pebble touched with your fingertips? Take a pebble in your hand, enjoy its contact on your skin, and feel its beneficial energies vibrate through your body...

The Karma Yoga Shop lithotherapy stone pebble is a powerful stone, with a smooth surface and harmonious shape. After importing the raw stone, our partners based in India work each stone with the greatest care. The mineral is first cut by experienced artisans, then machine polished using a rigorous industrial process.

This meticulous manufacturing preserves and even enhances the natural color of the stone. But also, to obtain a pebble with an elegant shape and a perfectly smooth surface: ideal for direct application to the body, for example as part of a Reiki session or direct work on a chakra .

After receiving our pebbles, our expert gemologist verifies their quality and authenticity. This systematic control is applied to all our products, including our jewelry or our clocks, for example. Here, it guarantees a premium lithotherapy pebble , with a sublime appearance and optimal virtues .

Another advantage of Karma Yoga Shop pebbles? Their size! They are in fact larger than the lithotherapy pebbles usually found on the market. Thus, you benefit even more from the natural energies of the stone! What more ? :)

What are the advantages of the lithotherapy stone pebble?

Why use a lithotherapy stone pebble rather than a tumbled stone, for example? Well, if tumbled stones are fantastic allies for discreet and daily use, pebbles, larger and ergonomic, allow more energy efficient work.

So, for example, you can easily apply it to different areas of the body, or place it next to the consultant on the treatment table for energy work of any kind.

If you want to benefit from the energies of your lithotherapy stone pebble while admiring its beautiful colorful adornment on a daily basis, display it on a piece of furniture in a lively room in your interior. It will give a natural touch to your decoration and will radiate its beautiful vibration, taking care of the occupants of your home.

For restful sleep, slip your lithotherapy stone pebble under your pillow, or place it on your bedside table.

If you prefer to use your lithotherapy stone pebble as a support stone during the day, its large size will not be an obstacle! Thanks to its smooth surface and harmonious shape, you can easily slip it into your handbag or pocket. You will be enveloped in its beneficial energies at all times, without even thinking about it.

Finally, a natural stone pebble will be a companion of choice in meditation. It will be particularly pleasant to hold in the palm of your hand, helping you for example to strengthen your concentration , like amethyst , or amplify an intention, like quartz .

Inspired? So, browse our collection of lithotherapy stone pebbles, discover their unique virtues, and choose your ideal pebble.

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