Labradorite Pebble “Therapists’ Stone”

Labradorite Pebble “Therapists’ Stone”

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Invite a little magic into your daily life with a superb labradorite pebble ...

In the world of crystals, labradorite is a stone renowned, particularly for its protective powers . It wards off bad vibrations and reflects the psychic projections of others, like a mirror. Thus, it preserves the emotional and energetic integrity of its owner.

Please note that our labradorite pebble is larger than many of the pebbles on the market. You therefore benefit all the more from its protective energies.

However, its larger size does not prevent easy and pleasant handling. Machine polished, this labradorite pebble is designed to be as ergonomic as possible. You can therefore easily place it in your handbag, bag or backpack: it will fully vibrate with its mystical energy.

The machine polishing method, practiced by experienced craftsmen, ensures the pebble has a perfectly smooth surface as well as a harmonious shape. This, while allowing the natural color and mysterious shimmer of the stone to be enhanced.

This labradorite pebble comes from India; its authenticity and quality are controlled by our expert gemologist. Labradorite is taken from mines renowned for the quality of their crystals.

In addition, these mines, as well as the workshops where labradorite is worked, follow ethical practices, respecting both their workers and the environment.

Wondering how to use your labradorite pebble? Many applications are possible due to its multiple virtues and its form.

A true healing stone, labradorite dissolves physical and emotional ailments. It helps to restore harmony and health to all levels of being.

So use your labradorite pebble to release difficult emotions such as sadness or fear. Its comforting vibration and beautiful shimmering shine will instantly soothe you and give you confidence in the future. Thanks to its size and shape, you can easily benefit from its reassuring energies by calling on it at any time of your day.

Labradorite is also a perfect stone for therapists and anyone carrying out an activity based on help, care and support. Indeed, thanks to its protective action, it will neutralize all negative vibrations, projections and heavy emotions coming from the patient. This, while reinforcing the helping and healing energy deployed by its user.

Finally, labradorite corresponds to the third eye chakra, center of perception and extra-sensory abilities. In support of this chakra, it awakens psychic faculties such as clairvoyance, clairaudience or claircognition. Then simply place your labradorite pebble on your forehead, between your two eyes, to benefit from its benefits on this chakra.

Thanks to its versatile shape, this labradorite pebble can accompany you everywhere and help you in many situations. Slip it into your pocket or handbag to benefit from its beneficial energy at all times. It will also be very easy to apply to the body as part of an energy healing session.

For a restful sleep rich in colorful dreams, you can also place your pebble under your pillow.


  • Stone: Labradorite
  • Weight: 80-100gr
  • Size: approximately 5x7cm

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