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Take care of your intimacy with our natural stone yoni eggs , ancestral objects of feminine well-being.

Born in ancient China, the yoni egg has spanned the ages to bring well-being and spiritual awakening to its users around the world. Whether it is made of amethyst , quartz or carnelian , it is used as much to promote good health of the sexual organs as to promote vitality , serenity and fulfilled sexuality .

It also stimulates the sacred energies that lie dormant in every woman. Intrigued? So read on to find out more…

What is the yoni egg?

But to start, a few introductory words! So what is the yoni egg?

It is an ancestral object of female pleasure , first used in ancient China by concubines and empresses of the royal palace. The latter notably used yoni eggs made of jade stone, to awaken desire, promote tone and preserve health until old age.

Today, yoni eggs are carved from various semi-precious stones , such as jasper or rose quartz. Such variety allows you to benefit from the vast range that constitutes the power of the stones.

Thanks to the vibrations of these crystals combined with the unique shape of yoni eggs, they help to resolve certain disorders such as incontinence, but also to awaken desire and maintain vitality for a long time...

What are the benefits of yoni eggs?

If yoni eggs are so successful in the world of well-being and among women, it is not by chance!

Their beneficial effects on the body and subtle energies have been proven by several millennia of experience.

By introducing the egg into the vagina, followed by several contractions of the perineum, we promote physical, psychological and energetic well-being in several ways.

Thus, using a yoni egg increases the strength of the pelvic floor, which reduces the risk of incontinence. This practice also promotes good sexual health , improving sensitivity and lubrication, enhancing orgasms and stimulating libido. For new mothers, the yoni egg also helps the body recover from childbirth , and also makes it easier by making it less painful.

It also relieves many small problems such as urinary leakage or vaginal pain .

But the powers of this mystical object extend beyond its sole virtues on the physical level... After all, “yoni” means “vagina” as well as “sacred space”. The female sexual system has always been considered the seat of powerful energies. By using a yoni egg, we connect to the sacred Feminine within ourselves, that is to say to a deep source of serenity , intuition , inspiration and creativity .

The yoni egg helps stimulate the sacral chakra , the center of sexual and creative energy par excellence, and the root chakra , the center of connection to the Earth. When they are awake and balanced, these chakras ensure a good circulation of life forces throughout the body, as well as better general vitality.

Of course, to these properties are added those of the precious or semi-precious stone from which the egg is cut. For example, certain eggs will help you increase your vitality, while other gems will promote healing .

How to use the yoni egg?

To use your yoni egg properly, the important thing is above all to listen to yourself and never force it.

If this is your first time using the yoni egg , we recommend opting for a pierced egg with a waxed cord running through it, which makes removal easier.

Once you have your yoni egg in hand, assume a standing or lying position. Gently insert your egg into your vagina, breathing deeply. Then, try to connect to your physical and/or emotional sensations. For example, you might feel a calming of the body and mind, or a sensation of vibration throughout your being.

Wondering how long to keep your yoni egg ? The answer, again, is: according to your needs! Your body is unique, so you will be best able to determine the ideal duration. In general, it is advisable to keep your yoni egg for around 20 minutes.

If you feel comfortable with the introductory phase, perform some pelvic floor contraction exercises with your egg still inside you. Squeeze the vaginal muscles for 5 to 10 seconds, then release for 10 to 20 seconds. Repeat this exercise around ten times to start, then do 2 sets of 10 repetitions, and finally, 3 sets when you feel ready.

Where to buy a yoni egg?

Wondering where to find a quality yoni egg? Do not look any further ! Karma Yoga Shop yoni eggs are made for you, because they combine ethics, authenticity and good vibes.

First, know that our yoni eggs are made from 100% natural stones , the authenticity and quality of which are verified by Emmanuel, our expert gemologist . Each object is rigorously controlled to guarantee a lithotherapy stone with optimal colors and properties.

In addition, the eggs are manufactured in our partners' workshops by artisans with extensive experience in their field. Machine polishing, in particular, ensures the egg has a perfect shape and a completely smooth surface. For safe use and unparalleled feelings of well-being... Furthermore, our yoni eggs are not chemically treated, preserving both your body and the planet.

We are also trying to extend this ecological and ethical approach to all aspects of the manufacturing of our eggs. Thus, we strive to work with collaborators who share our values ​​of respect for human beings and the environment.

Employees of our partner workshops, for example, benefit from safe working conditions and a salary commensurate with their work.

On the environmental level, too, we do everything we can to ensure that our activity has as little impact as possible. Although it is still difficult to find artisans and suppliers of raw materials who are fully aware of the subject, we make sure to communicate our expectations on the subject to our interlocutors. In addition, our products are packaged in ecological and natural materials, then shipped by train or boat rather than by plane.

Karma Yoga Shop yoni eggs, beneficial objects for your femininity, but also for the most feminine and maternal entity there is, the Earth...

So, browse our collection of yoni eggs, and go for an egg made of rock crystal , tiger's eye or even red jasper ...

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