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Carnelian Yoni Egg

Carnelian Yoni Egg

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Rediscover your body and your sensuality by wearing this Carnelian Yoni Egg . A warm and joyful stone, it reconnects you to your inner femininity and your creative energies . A true stone of femininity, it will teach you to take care of and cherish your entire pelvic area. It reveals the pleasure and sacred fire of the feminine essence.

Also called "the stone of fertility", it promotes sexual development and procreation . It helps reduce painful periods and soothes symptoms related to menopause.

Its energy is connected to Mother Earth and the energies of the Moon, it corresponds to the Sacred Chakra; it is a stone that brings positive energy, vitality, dynamism and confidence in one's feminine power.

It stimulates motivation, courage, creativity and concentration.

EXCLUSIVE: purchasing a Yoni egg gives you access to a private Facebook group

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How to choose your Yoni Egg?

How to use your Yoni Egg?


Materials: Carnelian, waxed cord


  • Small: 30 x 20 mm: 16 g
  • Medium: 40 x 25 mm: 33 g
  • Large: 45 x 30 mm: 54 g
  • Set of 3 sizes: small + medium + large (best price!)

With or without hole:

The Yoni Egg with hole comes with a waxed cord that you can replace with a thread of your choice: dental floss, fishing line or cotton thread.

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