Crystal singing bowls

Collection: Crystal singing bowls

With our superb high quality crystal singing bowls, harmonize your chakras , cleanse energies and find total well-being.

Simply let yourself be lulled by their gentle tone and the benefits of sound therapy ; their magic is already working on your body and your mind...

Karma Yoga Shop crystal bowls: premium quality and perfect sound

At Karma Yoga Shop, we believe that an object designed with love and attention can only emit good vibes. We apply this principle to our beautiful crystal singing bowls .

These are made of 99.99% high quality quartz. This quartz comes from mines known worldwide for their premium material, located in the United States.

Then, to ensure the perfect design of our crystal bowls , we established rigorous specifications with our manufacturers. This helps avoid certain common defects found on many crystal bowls on the market, such as coarse grain, or a wall that is too thick or irregular.

Created in accordance with a precise industrial method as well as current international standards, our bowls are manufactured with the greatest care , then polished by hand by experienced and passionate craftsmen . Thanks to the wall sandblasting method, in particular, we obtain a smooth grain and a regular shape , essential elements for a flawless sound.

A bowl of crystal 432 Hz

With this careful manufacturing, the tone of our crystal singing bowls is perfect. The score produced is fair and regular. The frequency, powerful and continuous , lasts over time .

This frequency is 432 Hz , always known as the frequency of the Earth, nature and the living world . By exposing the body and mind to these sound vibrations, we promote healing , regeneration and harmony on all planes of being.

This frequency was probably already known and used several centuries ago, and was popularized under the name of "Verdi tuning". An agreement which, according to some researchers, is capable of stabilizing the mind and deeply relaxing the body. Vibrating a crystal bowl therefore offers you specific harmonic frequencies, sometimes with therapeutic virtues.

You will have understood, due to its exceptional sound and vibration quality , the Karma Yoga Shop crystal singing bowl has a powerful beneficial effect on the physical body and the subtle bodies. It allows not only the purification and rebalancing of the chakras, but also a return to physical, mental, emotional and energetic harmony . A real therapy!

Each Karma Yoga Shop crystal bowl is adorned with the symbol and colors of its associated chakra . An elegant touch, for easy work on each energy center.

Carefully packaged, the bowl is sent in sturdy, protective packaging , for a smooth journey to your door!

Your crystal bowl is also supplied with two mallets (one rubber and the other suede stick), and a black rubber support . The rubber used is natural and ecological , in accordance with our guideline of respect for the environment.

The crystal bowl to restore well-being

A magnificent variant of the traditional Tibetan metal bowl, an age-old well-being tool, the crystal singing bowl captivates us with its vibratory sounds and takes care of us.

Like its copper and tin cousins, it is used for its perfect sound frequency, capable of restoring balance to the different levels of being . Its tone thus makes it possible to rid the body of its various disorders, whether physical or energetic, and to accompany it towards harmonization.

You can make a crystal bowl sing to promote proper functioning of the body , regulate the heart rate or even boost the immune system .

But also, to neutralize negative energies present in the aura or in a room. It will then resonate in a chosen space to increase its vibration rate , and maintain an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, letting go and peace .

On a mental and emotional level, the sound produced by a crystal singing bowl can also restore serenity , promote concentration and clarify thoughts .

A crystal singing bowl can also be used to work on a particular chakra . This is even the main use of our crystal bowls : their specific note and frequency correspond to each energy center of the body. By ringing the bowl, we bring the targeted chakra back to its natural vibration, thus promoting its purification and proper functioning .

How to properly use your crystal singing bowl?

Whether you use this essential sound therapy for meditation , work on a chakra , energy cleansing or as part of a yoga session , there are a few steps to follow to properly use your crystal bowl .

Start by taking a few deep breaths to refocus. Then, internally formulate your specific intention : cleanse the energies present, relax the mind, balance a chakra, harmonize...

Using one of your mallets, sound the bowl. To do this, you can gently tap its wall or rub the mallet all around the bowl, until a sound comes out.

When the note is loud enough, let it resonate by moving the mallet away. Imagine that the sound has a positive effect on you, your consultant, or even on the energies of the room . For example, you can visualize the sound that purifies and strengthens a chakra, cleanses the aura, or even dissipates surrounding negative waves. In any case, trust your feelings and your intuition.

Once you have finished using it, place the crystal bowl away from bright lights, humidity, and out of the reach of children or animals. Remember to clean it from time to time with a cloth lightly dampened with water.

So, ready to immerse yourself in a gentle and beneficial sound bath ? Browse our crystal singing bowl collection and determine which bowl is best for you.

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