Quartz singing bowl "Chakra Root" with bag (DO - 432Hz)

Quartz singing bowl "Chakra Root" with bag (DO - 432Hz)

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Harmonize your root chakra And find your anchor with this superb “Root Chakra” quartz singing bowl .

This singing bowl is composed of 99.99% pure quartz . It emits a frequency of 432Hz and produces the note DO, which corresponds to root chakra .

THE root chakra is the center of the link to the Earth . It is located between the perineum and the lower spine. Through it, we cultivate our connection to Mother Earth and material reality .

When he is unbalanced , the root chakra can lead to physical and emotional symptoms varied. For example, we can feel weak, tired or unmotivated , encounter balance problems, or even disorders linked to legs and lower back . On an emotional level, a disharmony of the root chakra can result in a lack of enthusiasm or confidence in life .

A root chakra open and harmonious will be expressed by a good physical and mental vitality , a good anchoring and a feeling of internal security . We feel in touch with reality, supported by our circumstances, and confident in our ability to find solutions to our material problems.

In addition to other practices such as physical exercise or constructive action, we can harmonize the root chakra thanks to the therapeutic energy of singing bowls. This bowl singing in pure quartz issues the note DO , which corresponds to this energy center. By making it ring above the root chakra , we bring it back to its fundamental vibration, which promotes its rebalancing.

This singing bowl is made up of 99.99% pure quartz . Hand polished by passionate craftsmen, it has a smooth grain and a delicate finish. This manufacturing of high quality allows you to produce a precise note, a perfect sound and an optimal vibration .

Your quartz singing bowl "Root Chakra" comes with a circular stand, a rubber mallet, a suede mallet and a carrying case.

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  • Composition: Quartz
  • Diameter: approximately 30cm
  • Hand polished.

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