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Want to warm up your interior ...literally and metaphorically?

With our gentle Salt Lamps collection , invite the warm and therapeutic radiance of these crystalline lights into your daily life: opt for a zen and virtuous decor !

Made from blocks of high-quality natural salt, our salt lamps diffuse their orange light and beneficial energies in every room of the house, for the well-being and happiness of everyone!

But what exactly are the benefits of these beautiful and soothing objects?

The benefits of the salt lamp: negative ions

Have you ever felt particularly relaxed after a long walk in the mountains, in the forest or on a beach? Have you ever experienced a feeling of inner peace after a big summer storm, or intense joy in front of a stream?

Two words correspond to what you get with a salt crystal lamp: negative ions ! These negatively charged atoms have at least one additional electron compared to the number of protons, unlike positive ions which have more protons than electrons.

In a natural environment, negative ions are present in abundance: they are markers of an atmosphere beneficial to human beings. However, our modern and urban lifestyles tend to generate positive ions and free radicals, which lead to physical and psychological imbalances.

By immersing ourselves in nature, we stock up on negative ions which help to rebalance our energies . However, not all of us have a forest or a beach nearby! This is why using an object that naturally generates negative ions, such as a salt lamp, is an excellent way to benefit from these small molecules in the comfort of your home. Discover its soft light for your ambient comfort!

Fill yourself with negative ions and good energies thanks to salt lamps, you will quickly see their many virtues !

A Karma Yoga Shop table lamp will help you feel more relaxed physically and mentally . Turn it on after a long day to recharge your batteries and get some well-deserved rest.

A pink salt stone lamp (also called “Himalayan salt”) would also help to strengthen concentration . They are therefore ideal as office lighting: with a salt lamp, you will accomplish your professional tasks with serenity and efficiency.

Purify the air and regulate humidity levels

But the benefits of salt lamps don't stop there!

Since salt is a natural absorber of humidity, these salt lighting fixtures capture excessive humidity present in a room's atmosphere. They therefore contribute to a healthy humidity level for the house and its occupants.

In addition, a salt lamp contributes to purer air by neutralizing free radicals and other harmful particles linked to pollution and everyday technologies. It also greatly reduces the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, allergens and other irritating particles.

Having a salt lamp at home therefore concretely generates a beneficial atmosphere free of any harmful agents.

The soft light of his living room

If we love salt lamps so much, it is not only for the multiple virtues of their basic material, salt crystals. But also, for the warm and soothing glow that they spread around them.

Lighting a salt lamp is a bit like inviting into your home the magic of the golden hours , those of dawn or early evening. As if the sun were setting or rising in the middle of your living room or bedroom, the entire room is bathed in orange light, conducive to relaxation .

With our salt crystal lamps, you also benefit from the powers of chromotherapy , or color therapy. The soft orange hue of a salt lamp contributes to psychological well-being by promoting calm and relaxation, at any time of the day.

Ethical and premium quality salt lamps

Karma Yoga Shop salt lamps are made from salt extracted from mines in Poland. These mines are not only renowned for the quality of their salt, but also for their ethical approach .

In accordance with European safety standards , employees work in safe conditions that respect their well-being . The salaries charged are fair , commensurate with the work provided.

Furthermore, since they come from a European country, KYS lamps are more ecological than the pink Himalayan salt lamps available on the market, since they require a shorter transport time.

So, from the extraction of salt to the distribution of our table lamps in your interior, they are imbued with positive energies!

Finally, for an optimal KYS experience, know that our salt lamps are supplied with their bulb, cable and switch, and are delivered in a pretty box designed by our Design department.

So, ready to brighten your days and evenings with a Karma Yoga Shop salt lamp ? Browse our collection!

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