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Salt candle holder "Interior Light"

Salt candle holder "Interior Light"

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Immerse yourself in regenerating light with this lovely hand -cut salt candle holder with a hole for a tea light.

Did you know that salt was once almost as precious as gold? Due to its numerous therapeutic virtues and its nutritional properties , it was indeed a highly sought-after commodity.

Even today, it is an integral part of our daily lives, in its consumable form, but also...decorative! As lamps or candle holders, salt lights have become a key trend in the field of well-being.

And for good reason: not content with giving any room a warm and comforting atmosphere , these superb objects have multiple benefits . Exclusively made of Polish salt, a high quality salt, they diffuse negative ions into the air which rebalance and soothe the body and mind .

Have you ever experienced deep relief and total relaxation after a walk in the forest, a swim in the sea or a summer storm? This relaxation is partly due to negative ions , omnipresent in these natural contexts.

Placed in your interior, a salt candle holder recreates a microclimate by also diffusing negative ions . These neutralize surrounding energies by reacting with positive ions, generated by our everyday technologies and often responsible for physical and psychological imbalances.

You should know that this ionization effect occurs even without a heat source, but that it is accentuated when the salt block is heated. Thus, a candle placed on your salt candle holder will increase the production of negative ions , which will further contribute to your overall well-being .

For example, light this salt candle holder in your bedroom at bedtime, to promote restful sleep . Or, for a home spa session, place it for example on the edge of your bathtub. Then, immerse yourself in a hot bath, to which you will have added a few drops of non-dermocaustic essential oil...

In addition to its ionization property, a salt candle holder will glow with a soft orange light , both soothing and revitalizing.

Furthermore, know that salt naturally attracts humidity . So keep your salt candle holder in a busy room in the house to maintain a healthy humidity level.

At Karma Yoga Shop, we collaborate with wellness enthusiasts.

Leader in its field, our supplier creates its salt lamps and candle holders with a constant focus on quality. The salt used is natural, and each light is crafted by hand.

In addition, the mines in which the salt is extracted, located in Poland, are governed by safety standards and strict regulations. Miners benefit from fair and safe working conditions.

As each object is unique, your salt candle holder may differ slightly from the one shown in the photo, particularly in its shape and color. Also discover our salt lamps !


  • Material: Salt crystal from Poland, hand carved
  • Color: varies from pale pink to orange
  • Weight: approximately 1 kg
  • Dimensions: approximately 10 x 10 cm
  • Place the candle holder in a ventilated room or a dry place.
  • Favor the interior.
  • Do not let the candle holder get wet.
  • To clean the salt candle holder, pass over it gently with a very lightly dampened cloth.
  • Then wipe the candle holder with a dry, soft cloth that does not leave micro dust.

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