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Giant salt lamp

Giant salt lamp

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Bring warm, comforting light into your home with this Magnificent salt lamp Giantess.

A truly exceptional piece, it will attract attention as much for its beauty as for the sensation of purity and balance that you will feel when it is lit.

Always used for culinary purposes as well as for its therapeutic properties, salt is part of our lives in various forms. Refined, in flower or a lamp!

Yes, for several decades now, blocks of salt have been dug to accommodate a light bulb, thus transforming this natural material into a beneficial night light. In salt lamp , the bulb, by heating its salt lampshade, allows the diffusion of the therapeutic properties of the mineral.

The two main benefits of salt lamp are there ionization and the chromotherapy .

With the first, the negative ions broadcast by the salt lamp react with positive ions contained in the atmosphere and in our body.

When they are in excess, positive ions, generated in particular by everyday technological devices, can create physical and psychological imbalances.

Thus, in an environment saturated with positive ions, we may feel more tired, confused or even depressed. By reacting with these positively charged atoms, the negative ions of the salt lamp neutralize the atmosphere And balance our personal energy .

In doing so, they promote the well-being and psychological balance , and stimulate vitality and creativity .

But the benefits of the salt lamps don't stop there! You can indeed invite this object into your interior for the benefits of its colors. Whether white, yellow or orange, a salt lamp will promote well-being on all levels thanks to its chromatic radiance.

Thus, our orange lamps will stimulate your tone and will be conducive to harmony of body and mind . This giant salt lamp will help you stay calm and focused all day. Its large size increases its beneficial effects tenfold.

This giant salt lamp can also be used as a night light in a bedroom because its light is soft enough to accompany a child or baby during their journey into the arms of Morpheus. Its soothing and comforting light is ideal for a good night's sleep and its beauty will illuminate your room all day long.

In addition to these benefits, the salt lamps absorb moisture ambient, therefore promoting a healthy humidity level in your living space.

At Karma Yoga Shop, our lamps are made by wellness enthusiasts who have been practicing for over 20 years. Renowned in the field of salt lamps , our suppliers adopt an ethical approach , favoring naturalness and quality.

In addition, the salt used is extracted in mines in Poland. These mines comply with European safety standards, and ensure good working conditions for miners . This gives this salt lamp the property of being fully imbued with positive energies. This is not necessarily the case for the well-known Himalayan salt lamps which are often produced in darker conditions.

This “Inner Light” salt lamp is supplied with a bulb, as well as a cable and a switch. All this in a beautiful box in the KYS colors, enough to make a nice gift!


  • Material: Salt crystal from Poland, hand-carved and ethically mined with respect for the Earth and humans
  • Wooden base (alder)
  • Color: varies from pale pink to orange
  • Weight: approximately 11 kg
  • Dimensions: approximately 18 x 18 x 35 cm

Supplied with a 25W E14 bulb

Delivered complete with power cord, on/off switch, bulb, in a pretty box.

    • Place the lamp in a ventilated room or a dry place.
    • Favor the interior.
    • Do not let the lamp get wet.
    • To change the bulb, unplug the lamp from the outlet, remove the salt block from its wooden block, change the bulb and carefully replace the salt block on its base.
    • To clean the salt lamp, make sure it is unplugged, then wipe it gently with a very lightly dampened cloth.
    • Then wipe the lamp with a dry, soft cloth that does not leave micro-dust.

    * The price displayed includes €1.67 eco-contribution

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