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Salt Crystal Sphere Lamp “Inner Light”

Salt Crystal Sphere Lamp “Inner Light”

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Warm up your interior with this soft and beneficial salt lamp in the shape of a sphere and its round wooden base.

For several millennia, salt has been renowned for its numerous properties on the body and mind . At certain times, it was even a currency as valuable as gold...

Today, humans design salt lamps to take full advantage of its virtues . In addition to bringing warmth and light to our interiors , these objects, as simple as they are beneficial, bring us well-being on all levels .

We integrate a salt lamp into our home for two reasons: air ionization and chromotherapy .

Air ionization consists of an exchange between the negative ions produced by a salt lamp and the surrounding positive ions. Everything is made up of ions, that is to say positively or negatively charged atoms.

Usually our environments and our own bodies are saturated with positive ions. An excess of these creates all kinds of imbalances, such as insomnia, depression or anxiety.

A salt lamp releases negative ions which interact with positive ions in the atmosphere and in our body. Through this process, we regain our physical and psychological balance .

Thus, thanks to their ionization effect, salt lamps have many positive effects on our physical and mental health. Invite this spherical salt lamp into your home to find inner peace , physical relaxation , but also an open and creative mind .

But that's not all ! The virtues of a salt lamp also rely on its colored light. Indeed, from pearly white to bright orange, the hue emitted by these objects acts on the mind in various ways. For example, the warm light from your salt lamp in the shape of an orange sphere promotes optimism , and stimulates vitality and creativity .

Have you ever taken a swim in the sea at sunset? Well, that's a bit of the feeling this spherical salt lamp will give you when placed in your living space...

You couldn't give a better gift to a baby, child or even an adult who would like to fall asleep with a night light . With its soft and soothing brightness, this salt lamp is ideal for accompanying anyone to the arms of Morpheus.

At Karma Yoga Shop, our salt lamps prioritize quality and naturalness. Our partner, a leader in its field, has been manufacturing its lamps manually since 1995. The process is simple: we simply dig blocks of natural salt to obtain these superb objects. All lamps are tested and certified to meet safety standards.

In addition, the salt used is extracted in mines in Poland. These mines comply with European safety standards, and ensure good working conditions for miners.

Your salt lamp includes an electrical cable, as well as a switch and a bulb.


  • Material: Salt crystal from Poland, hand carved
  • Wooden base (alder)
  • Color: varies from pale pink to orange
  • Weight: approximately 4 kg
  • Dimensions: 16 cm in diameter
  • Height: approximately 17 cm

Supplied with a 25W E14 bulb

Comes complete with power cord, on/off switch, bulb

    • Place the lamp in a ventilated room or a dry place.
    • Favor the interior.
    • Do not let the lamp get wet.
    • To change the bulb, unplug the lamp from the outlet, remove the salt block from its wooden block, change the bulb and carefully replace the salt block on its base.
    • To clean the salt lamp, make sure it is unplugged, then wipe it gently with a very lightly dampened cloth.
    • Then wipe the lamp with a dry, soft cloth that does not leave micro-dust.

    * The price displayed includes €0.38 eco-contribution

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