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Quartz singing bowl "Chakra Gorge" with bag (SOL - 432Hz)

Quartz singing bowl "Chakra Gorge" with bag (SOL - 432Hz)

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Unlock your throat chakra and cultivate a authentic personal expression thanks to this “Chakra Gorge” quartz singing bowl .

This high quality singing bowl is made from 99.99% quartz . It produces a frequency of 432Hz and the note SOL , which corresponds to throat chakra .

Located in the middle of the neck, the throat chakra is the communications center . It is through him that we put into words our thoughts, feelings and emotions through speech or writing .

However, beyond just verbal communication, this energy center is also responsible for self-expression in the broad sense . Through it, we let us hear the voice of our soul in everything we do and create, for example through the arts, cooking, DIY... Any medium through which our divine identity takes shape!

In imbalance, the throat chakra can give rise to certain physical and psychological symptoms. So, if it is blocked, we can have difficulty expressing oneself , be subject to extreme shyness , feeling restricted in its expression or even have the feeling of being misunderstood . Physical disorders in this area can also occur, such as sore throats , clenched jaws or even problems with the larynx.

Balanced and open, the throat chakra allows a fluid circulation of energy in the body and mind . Self-expression, whether verbal, artistic, creative, is easy; our communication is fair and transparent.

Alongside other practices such as creative expression, mantra chanting or even talk therapy, it is possible to purify and harmonize the throat chakra using a singing bowl.

This quartz singing bowl may be used as part of work on the throat chakra . Its superb tone and the SOL note it produces will bring this energy center back to its natural vibrational state, and will thus help to remove its blockages.

This singing bowl is made up of 99.99% quartz . He is hand polished by passionate craftsmen, and has a smooth grain and elegant design. This achievement of high quality allows you to produce a precise note, a perfect sound and an optimal vibration .

Your quartz singing bowl "Chakra Gorge" comes with a circular stand, a rubber mallet, a suede mallet and a Karma Yoga Shop bag to carry it.

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  • Composition: Quartz
  • Diameter: approximately 20cm
  • Hand polished

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