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Rubber mallet

Rubber mallet

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With this rubber mallet , resonate the beneficial note of your singing bowl, and take full advantage of the benefits of sound therapy .

The sound...what? Sonotherapy , or sound therapy! The principle is simple: by gently striking a bowl, a gong or a cymbal, you obtain a powerful and continuous sound. This sound consists of a note and a precise vibration, which most often correspond to an energy center or chakra .

By bathing the body and mind in this frequency of sound, we carry out energetic work on the entire being . The action of the bowl is generally concentrated on a particular chakra , but the benefits of the sound obtained are not limited to the latter.

Indeed, in addition to rebalancing and harmonizing the targeted chakra , the sound of a singing bowl can, among other things, soothe physical tensions , dissipate bad energies present in the aura and calm the mind . We also use sound therapy to purify the energies of a room or an object.

You will have understood: all the virtues of the singing bowl lie in the sound it produces. The quality of this sound depends as much on the material and the good manufacturing of the bowl as on the mallet used.

Thus, the composition of the mallet , in particular, will have an impact on the sound obtained, and therefore on the properties of the singing bowl.

This high quality rubber mallet , particularly suitable for a quartz singing bowl, will produce a soft and round sound when struck. For friction use around the bowl, this material will reduce friction noise to make way for pure sound.

The rubber used for this mallet is natural and resistant . It does not wear out over time, for very long-term use. The handle of the mallet is made of wood, for a grip that is both firm and soft to the touch .

So, ready to spread good vibes all around you? Place your bowl flat in the palm of your hand, then gently tap its edge one or more times. You can also slide the end of the mallet around the bowl, until a crystal clear, calming note arises...

Up to you !


  • Materials: Rubber, Wood
  • Diameter of the rubber end: 4.5cm
  • Handle length: 16cm

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