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Black Obsidian Yoni Egg

Black Obsidian Yoni Egg

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The Black Obsidian Yoni Egg is a very powerful stone for strengthening the energies of the Root Chakra and for stimulating the pelvic muscles.

Black obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that has very strong healing properties. It clears any psychic fog that may be created in your aura and helps you stay aligned and connected to the energies of Mother Earth . It promotes the healing of aches and pains of the soul .

Obsidian helps release trauma and emotions accumulated in the body, particularly in the pelvis. It helps transmute negative energy and helps heal certain physical ailments in the body.

Very strong anchoring stone , it allows all those who are a little in the “air” to remain rooted to the earth. It helps you refocus on your goals and appreciate the physical world.

A true stone of protection , it symbolizes self-control, truth and resilience. It is excellent for eliminating negativity . It dissolves anger and helps you have self-confidence.

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How to choose your Yoni Egg?

How to use your Yoni Egg?


Materials: Black Obsidian, waxed cord


  • Small: 30 x 20 mm: 16 g
  • Medium: 40 x 25 mm: 33 g
  • Large: 45 x 30 mm: 54 g
  • Set of 3 sizes: small + medium + large (best price!)

With or without hole:

The Yoni Egg with hole comes with a waxed cord that you can replace with a thread of your choice: dental floss, fishing line or cotton thread.

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