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Pack of 3 Yoni Eggs "Beginner"

Pack of 3 Yoni Eggs "Beginner"

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Do you want to try Yoni Eggs but you don't know which eggs to choose?

We have therefore specially composed this pack of 3 Yoni Eggs for you to start your practice in a serene and reassuring way.

This pack is made up of the 3 most recommended and most adapted stones for a woman's needs. They are of different sizes with a hole and a cord, which allows easier and more practical use:

  • Obsidian in small size:

The Black Obsidian Yoni Egg is a very powerful stone for strengthening the energies of the Root Chakra and for stimulating the pelvic muscles.

Black obsidian has very strong healing properties. It promotes the healing of soul ailments.

Obsidian helps release trauma and emotions accumulated in the body, particularly in the pelvis. It helps transmute negative energy and helps heal certain physical ailments in the body.

Very strong anchoring stone , it allows all those who are a little in the “air” to remain rooted to the earth. It helps you refocus on your goals and appreciate the physical world.

A true stone of protection , it symbolizes self-control, truth and resilience. It is excellent for eliminating negativity. It dissolves anger and helps you have self-confidence.

  • Serpentine, also called the new Green Jade in medium size:

This stone is at the same time the symbol of loyalty, fortune and harmony .

It is a protective, balancing, calming and profound stone, which promises self-love and well-being.

Serpentine is connected to the Heart Chakra , it helps you create a connection between your heart and what you are passionate about. It intensifies feelings of love and promotes emotional release. It refreshes our emotional life, transmitting a feeling of peace. It encourages spontaneity and creativity .

On a psychological level, it allows you to let go of negative thoughts and calms the mind, helping to harmonize the mind with the body.

Serpentine energetically balances the distribution of water in the body , and is therefore beneficial for the health of the entire organism, in particular for the kidneys and the reproductive system of women.

In Yoni care, it is a very good stone to start with because it will allow you to initiate a healing process.

Rose Quartz resonates with the Heart Chakra, it emits a powerful energy of comfort and universal Love . It increases the ability to give and receive love.

It helps you find the comfort and inner peace you need. Rose Quartz promotes forgiveness, love and romance in relationships.

It helps to overcome crises and emotional wounds.

People in need of comfort or those wishing to find Love will love this stone.

Wearing this Yoni Egg helps amplify feminine energies and qualities .

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How to choose your Yoni Egg?

How to use your Yoni Egg?


Materials: Serpentine , Obsidian, Rose Quartz, waxed cord

100% natural stones selected and tested by our expert Gemologist

Size :

  • Small: 30 x 20 mm: 16 g
  • Medium: 40 x 25 mm: 33 g
  • Large: 45 x 30 mm: 54 g

Yoni Eggs with hole come with a waxed cord that you can replace with a thread of your choice: dental floss, fishing line or cotton thread.

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