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Green Aventurine Yoni Egg

Green Aventurine Yoni Egg

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Aspire for a life abundant and creative thanks to the energies of Aventurine.

Green Aventurine is a fabulous “lucky” stone. She bring prosperity, courage and protection to its wearer.

It is a joyful stone which acts mainly on the Heart Chakra to harmonize the energy of this area and attract love. It protects and soothes emotions, relieves stress and promotes relaxation.

Also, she encourages you to listen to yourself, trust yourself and move forward to make decisions . It balances and stimulates the mind in order to have clear ideas and increase creativity.

It is a stone that allows you to feel in trust because it helps you follow your intuitions without judgment .

EXCLUSIVE: purchasing a Yoni egg gives you access to a private Facebook group

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How to choose your Yoni Egg?

How to use your Yoni Egg?


  • Materials: Green Aventurine, waxed cord
  • Dimensions:
  • Small: 30 x 20 mm: 16 g
  • Medium: 40 x 25 mm: 33 g
  • Large: 45 x 30 mm: 54 g
  • Set of 3 sizes: small + medium + large (best price!)

With or without hole:

The Yoni Egg with hole comes with a waxed cord that you can replace with a thread of your choice: dental floss, fishing line or cotton thread.

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