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Rainbow Fluorite “Genie” Pebble

Rainbow Fluorite “Genie” Pebble

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This fluorite pebble, also called “Stone of Genius”, will seduce you both with its unique beauty and its powerful effects on your mind .

Indeed, rainbow fluorite has always fascinated people, because it is a multi-colored stone, which presents variations ranging from green to purple, blue and yellow. It is renowned for its very important protective powers on the mental level.

The main quality of fluorite is to bring clarity of mind: it strengthens the mind by helping it to organize itself . Associated with the 3rd eye chakra, which brings clairvoyance, it allows protection against manipulation attempts . This fluorite pebble also helps you make good decisions . It promotes learning and concentration .

Thus, this fluorite pebble is particularly beneficial to students and researchers, but it can also help everyone in their professional success and in the organization of their personal life.

This pebble is a great ally for meditation . It calms the mind and helps you relax . This stone helps you find emotional and mental stability and also promotes body resistance. Indeed, fluorite energizes the body and balances the chakras .

The Chinese attribute to fluorite the ability to influence dreams and by placing it near your bed, you can chase away nightmares and make your dreams more pleasant and colorful.

Fluorite brings you a lot of open-mindedness . Calmed and confident, you can look at things from a different angle . This stone helps you change your habits and the way you think about things. It transforms your experience of the world and enriches it . This pebble is particularly useful if you have made changes in your life, if you decide to abandon bad habits to adopt new ones, for example.

This intriguing stone is attributed with numerous therapeutic virtues, including the protection and strengthening of bones and the nervous system . It would also have the power to promote healing . It contributes to the good health of teeth, veins and spleen . It detoxifies the body and strengthens natural defenses .

Each stone is unique, so the pebble you receive may be slightly different, in color or size, than that in the photo.


  • Stone: Rainbow Fluorite (or fluorite)
  • Weight: 180g
  • Dimensions: 7 x 5 cm
  • Sold individually

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