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“Lunar Radiance” Pebble in Selenite

“Lunar Radiance” Pebble in Selenite

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Invite the comforting presence of the Moon with this soft selenite pebble .

Always a stone of the Moon, selenite radiates an energy as soothing as the halo of our dear natural satellite. As the round, pale lady watches over sleepers and the night world, selenite envelops its owner in a deeply calming vibration.

You can invoke the pearly stone to pacify strong emotions , particularly related to fear. Like the reassuring light of the Moon in the middle of the night, crystal will accompany you through darkness and moments of doubt . A selenite pebble will be particularly beneficial for relieving stress and worry .

On a psychological level, selenite will remind you at all times that you are worthy of feeling loved .

In particular, it will overcome the fear of rejection or the feeling of being alone , to replace it with a feeling of fullness. As the Moon illuminates every nocturnal creature without distinction, selenite will bathe you in its silver halo. Motherly, she will hold you in her energetic arms and remind you that you deserve to be appreciated for who you are.

Stone of the Feminine par excellence, a principle itself associated with the nocturnal star and its cycles, selenite will help you reconnect with the feminine qualities in you. Thus, it will be ideal for awakening your imagination , navigating your emotions and stimulating your intuition .

So take a selenite pebble during meditation and immerse yourself in your inner world. The stone will stabilize the mind and connect you to the higher energies of the cosmos .

In addition, crystallizing the energies of gestation , selenite will help you nourish ideas that wish to take shape in the physical world. So keep it close to you when you are thinking about a future project, whether personal or professional.

Intuitive and perceptive, selenite will also be an excellent support for developing your extrasensory abilities . Its sibylline energy will awaken your gifts of clairvoyance , illuminating things beyond appearances, as the lunar rays illuminate the darkness...

Is your tumbled stone not exactly identical to the one presented in store? This is normal: each stone is particular and therefore has a specific appearance.


  • Stone: Selenite
  • Weight: 130g
  • Dimensions: 7 x 5 cm

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