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“Purification” Pebble in Black Tourmaline

“Purification” Pebble in Black Tourmaline

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Find your anchor and your confidence with this black tourmaline pebble .

With its jet black and lustrous surface, black tourmaline is reminiscent of a storm in the night... Its reflections are reminiscent of lightning streaking the night sky, purifying the air and illuminating the surroundings.

Likewise, black tourmaline will accompany you on a daily basis to cleanse negative and stagnant energies , but also protect you against them.

So keep this black tourmaline pebble to neutralize the vibrational pollution trapped in your aura, and naturally increase your personal vibration. Tourmaline will also protect you against negative surrounding waves , for example at work or in a busy public place.

Also place this black tourmaline pebble on your wifi equipment and other everyday technologies. It will absorb the electromagnetic radiation emitted by them, maintaining good vibrations in your home.

You can also use black tourmaline for psychological relief. The stone will indeed dispel mental confusion and obsessive thoughts . With a black tourmaline pebble by your side, you will always be able to regain your confidence and clarity of mind.

On an emotional level, this crystal will be particularly useful for you to “purge” your blocked emotions . With a black tourmaline pebble in your hand , let your anger, your fear or your sadness flow through your body. The stone will facilitate the evacuation of these emotional energies which stagnate within you and will thus promote greater inner peace.

Black tourmaline will also provide you with light in the darkness in times of doubt. Faced with an obstacle, a problem, or when you don't know which path to take, use it to guide you. Its action on the root chakra will help you think pragmatically and act concretely towards your goals, step by step.

Have you received a tumbled stone and noticed any differences from the original photo? This is completely normal ! Each stone is unique, so the tumbled stone you receive may be slightly different, in terms of its inclusions, its color or its size, than that of the photo. Don't worry, however, its powers remain the same.


  • Stone: Black Tourmaline
  • Weight: between 80 and 100g
  • Dimensions: approximately 7x5cm

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