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Apatite “Stone of Fluidity” Pebble

Apatite “Stone of Fluidity” Pebble

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This apatite pebble is for you if you are looking for a calming stone, which helps you balance your energy and share your emotions.

Perhaps you are used to seeing apatite in a darker color? Be aware that blue apatite in its purest state is this light blue color. There are very few blue apatites of this light color because most apatites on the market undergo modification and turn dark blue. This natural blue apatite pebble is full of positive energy and has a particularly high vibration rate.

Apatite is known to fluidify the body's energy, in fact, this stone prevents energy from stagnant, thus, it prevents physical disorders but also brings calm to the mind.

This apatite pebble is particularly associated with the throat chakra and allows you to express your emotions, frustrations and anger. It helps you accept your emotions and let go. It is particularly beneficial to all people who use their voices, speakers and singers for example.

This stone helps those who want to lose weight by allowing them to reduce the feeling of hunger. Thanks to this stone, you will be able to understand - within the framework of meditation and introspection - the reasons or injuries causing weight gain.

Apatite is a stone of spirituality, it allows you to develop your clairvoyance. To do this, you can simply take this pebble in your hands when you meditate or place it near you. It will stimulate your 3rd eye.

You will also like to keep this pebble close to you if you have a strong temperament. Apatite helps you calm down, be more diplomatic and express your emotions in a way that others understand, avoiding conflicts. It also helps to make good decisions in a calm and thoughtful manner.

This stone also has a beneficial effect on the heart. It soothes it and can be very beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure.

Each stone is unique, the stone you receive may have slight variations in color and shape.


  • Stone: Apatite
  • Dimensions: approximately 6.5 cm
  • Weight: approximately 80 to 110 grams

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