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“Truth” Pebble in Black Obsidian

“Truth” Pebble in Black Obsidian

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Let yourself be enchanted by the powerful vibrations of this black obsidian pebble and move forward on your spiritual path, discovering who you are.

Obsidian, a black and glassy volcanic stone, intrigues with the intensity of its color and the deep energy it releases. It is renowned for its extremely powerful protective powers . It is also considered a stone of truth, which can manifest your dark side to allow you to access the light . It is the ideal stone if you want to have a deep spiritual experience and open your eyes to the person you are . It is said that obsidian acts as a mirror of the soul .

This pebble protects you from negative external influences and dark and demeaning ideas . It promotes your self-confidence. Obsidian helps you relax and protects you from stress and anxiety. You can place this pebble in the center of your home to protect it from negative energies or in your office, to help you move forward with confidence in your work.

This volcanic stone has a warming and comforting effect and by keeping it close to you, you feel a sense of well-being and optimism .

This pebble of solidified magmatic lava energizes you, strengthens your energy flow. It helps you take action and make decisions.

Obsidian is believed to have the power to relieve many ailments: joint pain, cramps and muscle tension . It would have purifying power, improve the quality of the skin and promote healing . It would help good digestion and relieve menstrual pain .

Associated with the root chakra, this black obsidian pebble helps you anchor yourself, to feel connected to the earth, it helps you to feel the links that unite you to the beings and things around you . It helps you act with pragmatism and confidence . Obsidian helps you free yourself from negative projections and fears to bring you back to reality.

A stone of truth, it accompanies you in your mediations by allowing you to deepen your introspections and access new planes of consciousness . This stone promotes learning and is an excellent aid for combating trauma, releasing blockages and overcoming fears.


  • Stone: Black obsidian
  • Dimensions: 7 x 5 cm
  • Weight: 150g

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