Amethyst “Clarity of Mind” Pebble

Amethyst “Clarity of Mind” Pebble

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Adopt this amethyst pebble to instantly find inner peace and mental clarity.

Amethyst is a calming stone that helps you find balance, both physically and mentally and emotionally. It is perfect for people prone to stress and worry, calming catastrophic thoughts and diffusing calming energy throughout the body.

A crystal of transition and separation, amethyst also helps you overcome the ordeal of bereavement .

A stone of wisdom, amethyst promotes clarity of mind, and stimulates imagination and creativity. Keep this pebble close to you to free yourself from negative thoughts, while getting the creative energies flowing within you.

Amethyst is also the purifying stone par excellence: it helps eliminate toxins and fight addictions. It is known to relieve migraines and skin problems, as well as to promote healing. It is also known to ward off stress, particularly in the shoulder and neck region.

You can keep this amethyst pebble with you and take it in your bag or pocket to be protected wherever you go. Also place it near your bed to improve the quality of your sleep , or on your desk to be more efficient and concentrated in your work . Placed in a living room, it revives the energies and relaxes the people there.

The pebble is a very versatile shape and it can also be used for treatments, massages or to recharge your other stones.

Amethyst brings calm and clarity of mind, this pebble can help you during your meditations. It is connected to the crown chakra , and will therefore make you more receptive to subtle energies during your session.

Each stone is unique, which is why the pebble you receive may have slight differences in size and color compared to the photo.


  • Stone: Amethyst
  • Weight : ?
  • Dimensions: 80 to 110 grams
  • Stone sold individually

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