“Stone of Prosperity” Pebble in Green Aventurine

“Stone of Prosperity” Pebble in Green Aventurine

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Attract good fortune into your life with this green aventurine “Prosperity Stone” pebble .

Aventurine takes its name from aventurine glass, a superb material created accidentally in Renaissance Italy. It is a stone of luck , which brings abundance , prosperity and success in all spheres of life.

With its magnificent green color, this stone is a real magnet for wealth : it helps to create vibrational conditions conducive to material and spiritual enrichment. So keep this green aventurine pebble with you to flourish in all areas . It will direct you to all opportunities for financial, personal or professional enrichment.

Take this pebble with you in any situation where you have to face a challenge: its energy of success will help you achieve success and support a happy development of events.

Acting in particular on the heart chakra , aventurine will also help you show compassion towards yourself and others . It will encourage harmonious and fulfilling interactions with the outside world.

Clarifying the mind and awakening creativity , your green aventurine pebble will help you express all your genius and share your most beautiful ideas with those around you.

Thanks to its versatile shape, you can use this pebble as a talisman to take everywhere with you, as well as in an energy treatment session.

Does your pebble not look exactly like the stone presented in the store? It's normal ! Each stone is unique and therefore has its own appearance. Its virtues remain the same.


  • Stone: Green Aventurine
  • Dimensions: ?
  • Weight: 80 to 110 g
  • Sold individually

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