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Rose Quartz “Love Magnet” Pebble

Rose Quartz “Love Magnet” Pebble

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This rose quartz pebble is made for you if you are looking for a soft stone to soothe you and envelop you in love . Rose quartz is sought after for its beauty and for the feeling of well-being it provides.

Rose quartz is associated with unconditional love, it promotes forgiveness, love, romance and social relationships , whatever they may be. You can place this pebble in your living room so that it vibrates with the energy of peace and love . You can also put it on your desk or in the place where you work to facilitate relationships with your colleagues or clients .

This mineral stimulates creativity and imagination , it is beneficial to artists and creators.

Rose quartz is a very gentle stone that soothes you, helps you get rid of stress and anxiety and regain self-confidence . You like having this pebble near you when you go to sleep, because it helps you relax, soothes nocturnal anxieties and envelops you in softness when you slip into the world of dreams.

This mineral is associated with the idea of ​​beauty, it was used in powder form by the Egyptians to reduce wrinkles. It is therefore considered to help regenerate the skin and you can put it in your bath to restore radiance to your complexion.

Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra . It is therefore known to have a beneficial effect on this organ, by moderating blood pressure. It helps you heal from a separation , maintain your self-esteem and find emotional and emotional balance. You can take this pebble with you if you are going through a difficult time or have just lost a loved one. It will warm your heart and give you the courage you need to face life.

The pebble is a very versatile shape and it can be placed in a room both to make it vibrate with loving energy and to decorate it, but also for treatments, massages or even to recharge your other stones. It is pleasantly polished and you will love holding this rose quartz pebble in your hand, you will feel a wave of peace and love invade you.

Each stone is unique, so the pebble you receive may have slight differences in color and shape from the one shown in the photo.


  • Stone: Rose Quartz
  • Dimensions: 7 x 5 cm
  • Weight: 120g
  • Stones sold individually

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