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Rhodonite Pebble

Rhodonite Pebble

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Integrate this pretty rhodonite pebble into your daily life to connect you to joy and the therapeutic energy of the heart.

An excellent emotional healing stone, rhodonite is ideal for recovering from a difficult experience. It will help you in particular to release psychological tensions and negative emotions accumulated after a traumatic event.

Creating a benevolent and compassionate energetic space, rhodonite will indeed give you free rein to express these intense emotions and free yourself from them.

To recover from your emotional wounds and trauma, regularly apply your rhodonite pebble to your chest. Then imagine its therapeutic energies healing your inner wounds. Allow yourself to express the feelings that are going through you, for example by writing them down in a journal.

Connected to the eternal source of vitality at the center of the heart, rhodonite will also connect you to your joy of living, and to everything that nourishes you.

With it, you will rediscover the pleasure of being , especially after a trying experience.

So keep a rhodonite pebble with you to approach each new day with a little more enthusiasm and optimism . But also, to focus on everything that gives you satisfaction, whether it's your relationships, an artistic activity or even a simple hobby!

Nicknamed the “Eagle Stone” in Russia, its country of origin, rhodonite will help you become more resilient by gaining height. While enveloping you in her compassion, she will invite you to broaden your perception . It will help you understand that every experience and element of your life is there to help you evolve.

A stone of compassion and unconditional love connected to the heart chakra , rhodonite is ideal for strengthening any endeavor aimed at healing Humanity. She is therefore an ally of choice for therapists, but also for any activity driven by love for others.

Does your pebble not look exactly like the one shown in store? This is normal: each stone is unique and therefore has particularities. The virtues do not change!


  • Stone: Rhodonite
  • Weight: 270g
  • Dimensions: 7 x 5 cm
  • Sold individually

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