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Sodalite “Authenticity” Pebble

Sodalite “Authenticity” Pebble

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Clarify your thoughts and develop fluid communication with this beautiful sodalite pebble .

A cousin of lapis lazuli, sodalite has a midnight blue dotted with white, which evokes the clarity of a summer sky. With it, the mind and emotions calm down to give way to perfect serenity .

We therefore call on sodalite for its tranquilizing powers on the mind . Conducive to lucidity , it pacifies the flow of chaotic thoughts and promotes clear ideas. In doing so, it helps its owner develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world . It is also a perfect support for developing intellectual abilities such as analysis or memory.

If you study or practice a profession requiring all your focus, do not hesitate to mobilize the blue waves of a sodalite pebble . Placed on a corner of your desk, it will help you stay focused on each task, even the most complex.

At the same time, also acting on the centers of perception, sodalite is ideal for broadening and enriching one's vision of life . Through a subtle blend of intellectual understanding and intuition, it will promote a fair and enlightened vision of things . Its action on the third eye chakra makes it an excellent support for developing extrasensory abilities .

Also opening and purifying the throat chakra , sodalite will also support fluid and authentic communication . So keep a sodalite pebble with you to express your thoughts and feelings with precision and honesty. It will also help you develop your artistic expression.

Is your sodalite pebble not exactly identical to the one presented in store? This is normal: each stone is unique and therefore has a particular appearance. His powers, however, remain the same!


  • Stone: Sodalite
  • Weight: 145g
  • Dimensions: 7 x 5 cm

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