“Stone of Joy” pebble in Amazonite

“Stone of Joy” pebble in Amazonite

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Find deep and serene joy with this pretty amazonite pebble .

Both soothing and revitalizing , amazonite evokes the calm waters of a tropical river. It also takes its name from the Amazon flower, located in South America. It spreads in its owner a delicious feeling of joy mixed with peace .

Amazonite is particularly useful in helping people who suffer from depression, as it carries away despair and sorrow in its energy, just as a river carries heavy objects away.

Stone of the heart and throat chakras , amazonite is conducive to compassion and authenticity. It is therefore ideal for nurturing happy relationships, based on sincerity.

So keep this amazonite pebble to rediscover the pleasure of being in the company of your loved ones , and to breathe more pleasure and spontaneity into your relationships.

As invigorating as a stream in the middle of summer, amazonite soothes the body and mind by inviting us to relax in the continuous flow of existence.

At the same time, it encourages us to assert ourselves, to be fully ourselves, and to act in alignment with our heart. This stone is also favorable to creative processes and particularly helps artists who can keep it with them or place it in their workshops.

This amazonite pebble brings you serenity and deep calm. You can use it during your meditations, keep it near your bed or place it in the main room of your house.

Amazonite is attributed with numerous therapeutic virtues on a physical level. It would reduce problems linked to cholesterol by promoting the work of the liver and kidneys. It would be beneficial to the lymphatic and respiratory system . It would also soothe disorders linked to sexuality and the reproductive system. In general, it would promote regeneration and healing .

Each stone is unique, which is why the pebble you receive may have slight differences in size and color compared to that shown in the photo.


  • Stone: Amazonite
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