Pyrite “Abundance” Pebble

Pyrite “Abundance” Pebble

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Cultivate material and spiritual wealth with this sparkling pyrite pebble !

With its energies of manifestation , pyrite is an ally of choice to enrich one's life, in all areas.

Did you know that pyrite crystals naturally take an octahedron or cube shape? From a metaphysical perspective, these shapes, particularly the square, symbolize materiality, the concrete realization of spirit in matter.

Pyrite is therefore an excellent stone of creation in the tangible world. She will help you give shape to your dreams and materialize your aspirations, even the wildest!

Of course, with its appearance reminiscent of gold, pyrite's powers of manifestation will apply particularly well to finances. So equip yourself with a pyrite pebble to increase your bank account, attract goods, and generally increase your material abundance . Its golden shine will be conducive to good fortune, in every sense of the word.

As a stone of abundance , pyrite will generally polarize your entire mind towards what already makes your life rich . It will highlight all the benefits you already benefit from, even the most obvious ones. In the presence of a pyrite pebble , you will be more inclined to fully appreciate a meal with your loved ones, or a superb landscape, for example.

But that's not all... Pragmatic and luminous, pyrite will also help you enrich throughout your life , notably promoting clarity of mind and optimism . It will help dissolve limiting thought patterns to perceive earthly life as an infinite and generous space, where we can embrace the pleasure of being here on earth.

With a pyrite pebble by your side, you will be inspired to delve into the true treasures of existence: experience, self-expression, connection and love.

Each stone is unique, so the stone you receive may have some variations compared to the stone presented in store.


  • Stone: Pyrite
  • Weight: between 80 and 100g
  • Dimensions: approximately 7x5cm

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