Pebble “Softness and Imagination” in Peristerite

Pebble “Softness and Imagination” in Peristerite

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Invite gentle peristeritis into your daily life and benefit from its soothing and intuitive energies...

Stone of the Feminine , peristerite resonates with our inner world , sheltering our emotions, our imagination and our intuition.

You can use a peristerite pebble to soothe intense emotions , particularly fear and anger. With this pebble, it will be easier for you to let down your guards and welcome these emotions with kindness. By opening your arms to them, you will not let yourself be overwhelmed by them, but rather learn to calm them and interpret them.

A peristerite pebble will make a very good comfort stone to calm stress and anxiety.

It is also said that peristerite is a stone of choice for healing wounds of the heart . So let it diffuse its iridescent energy on your old wounds. You will thus quickly turn the page on your negative experiences to make room for gentleness, love and a new day.

Linked to the imagination , peristerite will also be very good company to help you nourish new ideas . She will stand by your side during the "gestation" phase of your projects, where you simply contemplate all the possibilities before taking action.

Moreover, this inner and maternal energy makes peristeritis a very good ally for future mothers! The pearly stone will indeed guarantee a happy and healthy pregnancy .

Finally, call on peristeritis to develop your intuition and your psychic faculties such as clairvoyance . The stone will illuminate your third eye chakra and your crown chakra with a silver halo, to help you see beyond appearances.

Is your pebble not quite identical to the one we present to you in the shop? No worries ! Each stone is particular, and has a unique appearance. Its virtues, on the other hand, do not change.


  • Stone: Peristerite
  • Weight: between 80 and 100g
  • Dimensions: approximately 7x5cm

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