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Shungite “Ultimate Protection” Pebble

Shungite “Ultimate Protection” Pebble

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Surround yourself with protective energy with this “Ultimate Protection” shungite pebble !

Considered as the stone of protection against bad waves, shungite is a very high frequency stone. It is used in particular to neutralize electromagnetic radiation from everyday technologies. Even beekeepers use it to protect their bees against harmful radiation!

Equip yourself with a shungite pebble first to make these radiations harmless, but also to maintain high energies in and around you. Its intense black radiation will push all this pollution out of your interior, thus preserving harmony in your home.

On an emotional level, the purifying effect of shungite will help you evacuate difficult emotions such as anger. You will find inner peace more quickly.

The powerful shungite is not afraid to visit our dark sides and repressed emotions. It therefore provides valuable help to let these feelings come to the surface and thus find real relief .

Cleansing the energies of the being , shungite will also help you get rid of any energetic pollution present in your aura. In addition to this "cleansing effect", it will ward off negative vibrations coming from the outside, thus preserving your energy balance .

So keep a shungite pebble with you when you enter places with bad energies. It will mercilessly ward off external threats and protect you against bad influences .

If you are the type glued to your smartphone, know that your shungite pebble will also protect you against harmful radiation from screens .

This stone actually protects against many threats such as 4G, 5G, Wi-FI networks, and radiation emitted by electrical antennas . In doing so, it protects against disorders linked to this radiation such as headaches, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, or even infertility problems.

So place your shungite pebble on your internet box or any electronic device to protect yourself against its harmful emissions. You can also carry it with you, for example in your pocket: shungite will create a powerful shield around you to ward off all external threats.

The balancing power of shungite can also be used to rebalance the Yin and Yang poles of being , that is to say the Feminine and Masculine principles in each of us. Your shungite pebble will therefore help you cultivate harmony between constructive action and contemplation .

Finally, on a physical level, shungite will help you maintain strong health by boosting your immune system !

Please note that shungite is a rare and sought-after stone: it is difficult to obtain authentic shungite at a good price. At Karma Yoga Shop, we make this possible thanks to our expert gemologist, who helps us obtain quality stones, at an affordable price for you .

Does your pebble not look exactly like the one shown on the site? It's normal ! Each stone is unique and therefore has its own appearance.


  • Stone: Shungite
  • Dimensions: approximately 6 x 4 cm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Sold individually.

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