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“Inner Strength” Pebble in Red Jasper

“Inner Strength” Pebble in Red Jasper

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Equip yourself with a powerful red jasper pebble to regain tone, confidence and inspiration.

Used as a talisman since time immemorial, red jasper is closely linked to the Earth. Its red energy resonates with the earthly forces that circulate beneath our feet, in the depths, and revitalize us at every moment.

Red jasper is used for two major purposes: to protect its owner , and to instill strength and vitality .

Thus, in Germanic legends, the hero Siegfried used a sword with a handle inlaid with red jasper to fight dragons. In addition to granting him courage and endurance, the stone weakened the fearsome creatures.

Likewise, you can request red jasper to invigorate yourself, as well as to protect yourself against physical dangers and negative energies . Its vibration will neutralize threats by strengthening your personal energy field and redirecting bad vibes to the ground, where they will be sucked up and "recycled".

On a mental and emotional level, red jasper will help you strengthen your endurance and courage . It provides excellent support in carrying out a project, giving shape to a dream or persisting in a path even when the path becomes difficult. It will also improve your concentration and your ability to analyze complex intellectual tasks.

Promoting a feeling of inner security, a red jasper pebble will help you remain confident and calm in stressful or anxiety-provoking situations.

Acting on the root chakra , red jasper will generally improve your anchoring , your presence in your own body and in material reality. If you tend to get stuck in the mind or emotions, it will help you get back to the here and now, where everything is happening! It will encourage you to act to resolve the various problems you encounter, or materialize your deep desires.

A bridge between spirit and matter , a red jasper pebble will help you, in short, to embody the plan of your soul . To flourish in this earthly experience, overcoming obstacles and fully enjoying the joys of life.

Each stone is unique, so the stone you receive may differ from that presented in store due to its inclusions, color or size.


  • Stone: Red Jasper
  • Weight: 120g
  • Dimensions: 7 x 5 cm

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