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Prehnite Pebble

Prehnite Pebble

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Make your dreams come true and achieve your goals with this prehnite pebble .

With its color between green and yellow, prehnite is one of the rare crystals to directly connect the heart to the solar plexus . She is therefore a perfect ally to give shape to her most authentic desires ; to materialize this sweet vibration of joy and peace that resonates in your chest.

As you probably know, the solar plexus chakra is the place of personal power . It is through it that we learn from our experiences through our feelings, and that we assimilate these experiences to emerge strengthened. It is also from this energy center that we draw our strength to overcome trials and create a life aligned with our true nature.

By connecting this energy center to the heart chakra , prehnite brings down our soul's desires into this space of creation and manifestation . It helps us tap into our personal power to create in matter what is truly important to us.

So keep this prehnite pebble with you to awaken you to your true aspirations, but also to take concrete action towards their realization . Prehnite will remind you that you have some control over your life. Filling you with confidence and optimism, it will guide you towards the accomplishment of your dreams.

Along the way, the stone will also connect you to your guides and guardian angels . So also draw on the vibration of your prehnite pebble to request this guidance from higher planes. The advice of these etheric allies will be invaluable in achieving your goals!

The pebble is a very versatile shape, and it can also be used for treatments , massages or to recharge your other stones .

Does your pebble not look exactly like the one shown in store? It's normal ! Each stone is unique and therefore has its own appearance. Its properties remain the same.


  • Stone: Prehnite
  • Weight: approximately 100 g
  • Dimensions: 5-7 cm

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