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Tibetan meditation cymbals or Tingsha

Tibetan meditation cymbals or Tingsha

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These magnificent handcrafted Tibetan cymbals are made for you if you are looking for an authentic and noble instrument to accompany you during your meditation sessions , to open or close them.

These Tibetan cymbals are decorated with the most important mantra in Tibet : Om Mani Padme Hum. Mantras are short sentences in Sanskrit that are repeated in chorus, out loud, and serve as a support for meditation.

The mantra Om Mani Padme Hum literally means “honor the jewel of the lotus” . The gem refers to the altruistic intention of becoming loving and compassionate and the lotus symbolizes wisdom and purity . This mantra summarizes and embodies the Buddhist approach of developing love and compassion to achieve wisdom and peace .

They can also be integrated into the decoration of your home , bringing a dimension of authenticity, a scent of travel and a spiritual dimension. Indeed, made in accordance with traditions in India, it exudes an aura of calm and wisdom.

These two small cymbals, connected by a leather lace, emit a clear and unique sound when they collide. This sound allows the mind to focus and clarify . It also helps purify a space .

They are made from an alloy of zinc, tin and copper which provides a unique and authentic sound.

You can use these cymbals during your meditations or for a sound bath. Their vibration helps purify energy by promoting its release and circulation .

This small instrument is easily transportable and will follow you everywhere, on your travels, your outdoor yoga sessions or your meditations.

The cord that connects the two cymbals is approximately 43 cm long.


  • Composition: Zinc, tin and copper
  • No accessories included
  • Sound: Yes
  • Weight of bowl alone: ​​190 g
  • Bell dimensions: 5 x 5 x 2 cm
  • The cord is approximately 43 cm.
  • This instrument is handmade.

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