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Traditional solar gong “Seven Chakras”

Traditional solar gong “Seven Chakras”

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Let yourself be enchanted by the magical vibrations of this solar gong.

This traditional healing instrument radiates its deep and harmonious sounds to your body and mind. It brings you relaxation, confidence and strength. It decorates your home and releases powerful and soothing waves.

This gong is a noble and spiritual object which gives off strong vibrations and contributes to the original and authentic decoration of your home by bringing you well-being and confidence .

Its perfectly round shape, its golden color and the powerful sound it produces illuminate your inner world like a sun . The symbols of the seven chakras which adorn it are very powerful and further strengthen the waves which emanate from them. This instrument can be added to the Feng shui decoration of your home.

The solar gong is associated with yang energy , associated with the masculine; it acts in particular on enthusiasm, creativity and power.

This copper and tin gong is ideal for balancing and stimulating your energy flow . It accompanies you during your meditations and allows you to immerse yourself in a sound bath. It also serves to purify the house and balance the forces circulating there .

This gong is decorated with the symbol of the seven chakras, so it is particularly beneficial if you are looking to balance them. The vibrations it gives off stimulate your chakras, help you enter a meditative state and align them . You feel relaxed, confident and in full possession of all your means.

This gong is 50 cm in diameter and comes with its mallet.

How to use the gong:

The gong is an instrument accessible to beginners. We advise you to respect these few simple rules:

  • You can start hitting the outer edges and then move closer to the center of the instrument, without ever hitting the center itself.
  • Strike the gong gently. It is a very powerful instrument: a light percussion is enough to release deep vibrations.
  • Let the sound resonate. Observe the echo of the vibrations inside your body and the relaxation they cause.
  • You can strike the gong from top to bottom and bottom to top, clockwise.


  • Gong delivered with its mallet
  • Composition: copper and tin
  • Gong weight: 2600g
  • Mallet weight: 100g
  • Dimensions of the Gong: 50 x 50 x 2 cm
  • Mallet size: 30 cm
  • Handmade in an artisanal way

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