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“Anchorage and Lucidity” ring set with Tourmaline and Scapolite in 925 Silver

“Anchorage and Lucidity” ring set with Tourmaline and Scapolite in 925 Silver

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Let yourself be charmed by this original ring which combines two raw stones whose contrasting colors subtly resonate .

Thanks to the black tourmaline and the golden yellow scapolite of this jewel, you anchor yourself in the present , asserting yourself and making the right decisions .

Tourmaline , the stone of self-affirmation , is an anchoring stone that stimulates the root chakra . It helps you overcome your inner blockages by balancing and increasing your energy . Black tourmaline is known to dissolve negative energies and increase the vibration of the wearer. Thanks to this jewel, you feel a feeling of security and vitality .

Yellow scapolite promotes clarity of mind and calm and orderly reasoning , which leads you to make the right choices. It is a stone that guides the wearer, both in concrete things, but also on the paths of spirituality and introspection . Thanks to this ring, you will have an easier time seeing things as they are and acting accordingly.

This ring especially helps you when you feel like you are overwhelmed by the situation and don't know how to act. The combination of these two stones is ideal: it allows you to reconnect with the earth and the present, to evacuate negative energies and thoughts and to make informed decisions .

This ring is made of two natural raw stones and 925 silver. By wearing it, you benefit from the authentic energy of tourmaline and scapolite reinforced by the power of a pure noble metal. It is made in Jaipur, an Indian city renowned for its jewelry and the know-how of its artisans.

This jewel is adjustable, you can wear it sometimes on one finger, sometimes on another. We offer two sizes to make sure the ring fits you perfectly.


  • Stones: Tourmaline and Scapolite
  • Ring: 925 silver
  • 2 sizes available: Small: from size 4.5 to size 7; Large: from size 6 to size 9
  • Weight: 10g
  • Dimensions: approximately 2 cm

💍 Ring Size Guide

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