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"Authenticity" Ring in Brown Geode and 925 Silver

"Authenticity" Ring in Brown Geode and 925 Silver

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Infuse the authentic elegance of Mother Nature into your look with this natural geode and 925 silver ring .

Geodes are impressive mineral formations. With their sparkling reflections, their raw appearance and their astonishing colors, they are also a delight for the eyes. Often composed of quartz, geodes are supports for the expansion of the soul and the strengthening of the body .

Clarifying thoughts and sharpening subtle perceptions , geodes illuminate their user with their authentic radiance. They help to see things both objectively and intuition , beyond appearances and comfortable perceptions.

They are particularly conducive to personal and spiritual evolution , because they direct the soul on its path by taking into account the reality of earthly experience. Raw, they have a ‚Äústraightforward‚ÄĚ energy which allows them to no longer be burdened with limiting beliefs or useless repetitive patterns.

Wear this raw geode and 925 silver ring to increase your intuition and expand your perception . But also, to make wise decisions. Certainly uncomfortable, these choices will nevertheless allow you to grow and flourish. Like a mineral flower, you will unfold in all directions and shine brightly!

This raw geode and silver ring will also contribute to good vitality of the body . Regenerating, it will contribute to cell renewal and support the body's detoxification processes . It will also strengthen organs such as the liver, spleen or lungs.

Karma Yoga Shop jewelry is manufactured and distributed with total respect for human beings and the environment. By ordering from us, you contribute to a virtuous cycle that takes into account the well-being of the Earth and its inhabitants.


  • Pierre: G√©ode Brune
  • Weight: approximately 12 g
  • Dimensions: Small: from size 4.5 Large: from size 7

ūüíć Ring Size Guide

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