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“Celestial Power” Ring in Peridot and 925 Silver

“Celestial Power” Ring in Peridot and 925 Silver

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Pass a piece of the powerful peridot , formed from the meeting between heaven and Earth...

Peridot is nicknamed the “Stone of Extremes”, and for good reason: it is born in intense conditions. Indeed, while part of this mineral is born in the magma of the Earth's upper mantle, the other part was formed following... the impact of a meteorite! Yes, it was in a remote region of Russia that a stellar object struck the earth several billion years ago, giving birth to this strange mineral.

With these origins both cosmic and terrestrial, peridot could only vibrate with powerful energy. Mentally stimulating and physically revitalizing , this stone with its unique green hue is used to invigorate the body and mind.

Sharpening the intellectual faculties , opening perception, peridot inspires in its owner a broader vision of life . After all, a part of him comes straight from the far reaches of the galaxy!

It is ideal for assimilating new information or manipulating complex concepts. You can wear this peridot and 925 silver ring for tasks requiring your analysis, focus and mental agility.

Protective and invigorating , peridot is also a crystal of choice to ward off bad vibrations and dangers . But also, to find hope in seemingly insurmountable situations. Let its extraterrestrial aura invite you to change your perspective on your situation, to overcome any difficulty that may arise.

On a physical level, the peridot tonic will do wonders to help you regain your strength, your endurance and your vitality! Its green-yellow waves, reminiscent of a summer sun, will shine into your cells to restore the body's natural dynamism .

Furthermore, having lived through trying experiences himself, peridot is a reliable ally in shedding light on our inner darkness and healing our old wounds . It will diffuse its green halo over your wounds and traumas inherited from the past to help you heal them sustainably.

Wear this peridot and 925 silver ring to support you in therapeutic work based on emotional release and introspection.

Karma Yoga Shop wants to offer you the best of lithotherapy. This is why we favor suppliers who share our values. Thus, by ordering your jewelry from us, you contribute to a business that encourages ethical initiatives on a human and environmental level. At the same time, you treat yourself by offering yourself high quality products!


  • Stone: Peridot
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight: approximately 9.5 g
  • Dimensions: Small: from size 4.5 Large: from size 7

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