“Fire of Passion” Ring in Ruby and 925 Silver

“Fire of Passion” Ring in Ruby and 925 Silver

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Light your inner fire with this stunning adjustable ruby ​​and 925 silver ring .

In both its raw and polished form, ruby ​​vibrates with pure red radiance, actively stimulating the root chakra . In doing so, it increases the life energy that circulates in the body, which makes it an excellent support for regaining vitality and lifting lethargy.

Incandescent like a brazier, the ruby ​​awakens in its owner the passion for life , the joy of existing here on earth. On an emotional level, it actually boosts the feeling of contentment by enveloping the entire being with its warm energy, reminiscent of the still hot embers of a home.

If you are going through a difficult phase or want to rediscover your joy of living, wear this ruby ​​and 925 silver ring. Its lively and comforting waves will help you transmute heavy emotions into contentment, and will amplify everything that already gives you pleasure .

By wearing this stunning piece of jewelry, you will focus on what nourishes your body, mind and soul . Naturally, for example, you will be led to favor foods that are good for you, but also activities that fascinate you.

As a stone of passion, moreover, the ruby ​​is ideal for rekindling the flame in the couple . To deepen the sexual, emotional and spiritual connection with your partner, trust this radiant stone by wearing it as jewelry!

The setting of this ring is made of 925 silver, a pure metal which amplifies the vibrations of the ruby. The stone is therefore magnified from all points of view: aesthetically, it is highlighted; vibrationally, it can fully deploy its virtues.

At Karma Yoga Shop, our mission is to offer you beautiful, quality products that respect the Earth and its inhabitants. To fulfill this mission, we source our jewelry from rigorous suppliers, with strict quality procedures and verified human and environmental ethics.

It’s simple, by ordering from us, you participate in a fairer and more beautiful world!


  • Stone: Ruby
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight: approximately 10 g
  • Size: 2 sizes: from size 4.5 to size 7 and from size 6 to size 9

💍 Ring Size Guide

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