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“Wave of Peace” Ring in Aquamarine and 925 Silver

“Wave of Peace” Ring in Aquamarine and 925 Silver

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Invoke the reassuring and clear energy of the seas with this superb Peace Wave ring in aquamarine and 925 silver.

Aquamarie is a crystal of the water element : its presence recalls the infinite expanses of the ocean where the gaze is lost. Soft as the waves on a sunny day, it soothes a restless mind and invites you to relax in the flow of life.

Wear this aquamarine and 925 silver ring to restore your inner peace .

If you are prone to stress or worry , the pretty blue stone will help you regain your serenity. You will feel your thoughts calm and your body relax , as if you were floating on the surface of calm water.

Your aquamarine ring will reassure you by reminding you that, whatever the circumstances, you can trust the Universe ...

A stone of communication acting on the throat chakra , aquamarine will also invite you to cultivate honesty with yourself and with others.

Thus, it will encourage you in particular to recognize your emotional state and to welcome your emotions with as much kindness as possible. Compassionate, she will support you as much in opening up to these emotions as in relieving you from them.

For example, in his presence you might be led to vent your anger by writing in a journal. Or to express your sadness by allowing yourself to cry.

Aquamarine will also help you express your feelings to those around you, without letting yourself be overwhelmed by them. It is therefore ideal for cultivating fair and harmonious interactions with others, and defusing conflicts.

Clear as the summer sky, aquamarine will also be very useful in dispelling mental confusion and regaining concentration.

Furthermore, this stone will also make you aware of your strengths and talents, and will encourage you to share them with the world. You can count on it to support you towards a fair and authentic expression of yourself, where your natural gifts will be fully expressed.


  • Stone: Aquamarine
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight: 15g
  • Dimensions: Small: from size 4.5 Large: from size 7

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