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“Spirit and Self-Expression” Ring in Blue Topaz and 925 Silver

“Spirit and Self-Expression” Ring in Blue Topaz and 925 Silver

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Infuse a stellar aura into your look with this stunning blue topaz and 925 silver adjustable ring .

In all its shades, topaz is a stone of cosmic forces . For millennia, it has reminded man that the sky watches over him, and that he can invoke its guidance at any time. To consult topaz is to draw on the infinite resources of wisdom and serenity of the higher planes...

Blue topaz , in particular, has many virtues of its own. Its sky blue radiance makes it primarily a stone of knowledge and the spirit . It thus strengthens the intellectual faculties and supports those who follow an apprenticeship, whatever the discipline.

This blue topaz and 925 silver ring will therefore be an ideal adornment if you are following training, whether academic or spiritual. Moreover, even if you are not enrolled in any educational establishment, blue topaz will help you to be the best student...of life! With it, you will consciously learn from your experiences and grow through their valuable lessons.

Blue topaz is also an excellent stimulant for creative energies . Acting in particular on the throat chakra, center of self-expression, it will invite you to nourish your inventiveness in all areas. Whether you are a pastry chef, business manager or orchestra conductor, it will also help you express all your ideas with a maestro !

On an emotional level, the calming energies of blue topaz will be valuable in soothing stress and anxiety , particularly related to oral expression. Wear this blue topaz and 925 silver ring before a presentation or when performing on stage. It will instill deep confidence in you and clear your mind to deliver the best possible performance.

At Karma Yoga Shop, quality rhymes with fairness. Also, we work exclusively with passionate collaborators who guarantee fair working conditions for the people involved in the creation of our jewelry.


  • Stone: Blue Topaz
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight: approximately 7 g
  • Dimensions: Small: from size 4.5 Large: from size 7

💍 Ring Size Guide

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