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“Protective energy field” ring in Shungite and 925 Silver

“Protective energy field” ring in Shungite and 925 Silver

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Surround yourself in a bubble of protective energy with powerful shungite ...

The intense black matrix of shungite is sure to impress. Just by seeing it, we perceive its powerful energy, capable of repelling the lowest vibrations . You will be able to equip yourself with this protective stone known to protect you against harmful influences, as well as to neutralize the negative energies around you.

It is so effective that even beekeepers use it to protect their bees against harmful surrounding waves.

Absorbing evil in all its forms, shungite will “suck” bad vibes from a place or person to restore vibrational balance . By wearing this shungite and 925 silver ring on your fingers, you will rid your subtle bodies of their energetic pollution.

Also wear this jewel in energetically charged spaces, to maintain your own balance in all circumstances. Whether in the office, in a shopping center or on public transport, your shungite ring will repel heavy energies and thus preserve your energetic integrity.

It makes it possible in particular to neutralize radiation emitted by 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi networks, as well as microwave waves and electrical antennas . These harmful radiations can cause many problems such as headaches, difficulty concentrating, fertility problems, sudden mood changes, fatigue, depression or anxiety.

This jewel will also promote harmony between your physical body and your etheric body , as well as between your different energy centers. This balancing effect will contribute to good physical, psychological and energetic health .

A stone of balance and anchoring, shungite is ideal for harmonizing Yin and Yang . So also wear this shungite and silver ring to find the right balance between meditation, contemplation and inspired action. By cultivating harmony between activity and receptivity, you will work sustainably towards a happy and fulfilled life.

Furthermore, know that the 925 silver of this jewel will promote the diffusion of the protective energies of shungite . Shungite is a rare stone, which is difficult to obtain at a reasonable price. Our ring allows you to benefit from the virtues of quality shungite , at an affordable price !

At Karma Yoga Shop, we are committed to offering you quality jewelry that respects the environment and human beings. We also work with suppliers who share our values ​​by adopting an ethical approach throughout their production chain.


  • Stone: Shungite
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight: approximately 11 g
  • Dimensions: Small: from size 4.5 Large: from size 7

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