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“Pure Lumière” Ring in Diamond and 925 Silver

“Pure Lumière” Ring in Diamond and 925 Silver

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Invite an energy of pure Light into your life with this magnificent adjustable diamond and 925 silver ring .

A Nordic legend tells that the God of Mines mobilized his servants to collect all the precious stones in the world. Once collected, rubies, sapphires and emeralds were pulverized and then mixed by the God of Mines. This is how the purest and most beautiful stone there was was born: the diamond .

In its perfectly translucent matrix, the light is divided into thousands of colored shards, like traces of the stones it contains. The diamond radiates an energy that is both pure and chromatic , concentrated and complete.

It is a symbol of enlightenment, activating the higher chakras which are the crown chakra and the Soul Star chakra. It promotes clarity of mind, as well as an enlightened and rich vision. So call on this diamond and 925 silver ring to help you perceive things objectively and accurately .

Stimulating extrasensory abilities , notably clairvoyance , but also intuition , the diamond will offer you unparalleled guidance. By wearing this diamond and silver ring regularly, you will learn to make your decisions based as much on your reasoning as on your inner wisdom.

Linked to the presence of the Universe, to cosmic knowledge, the diamond will encourage the development of consciousness and spiritual awakening .

As it brings together all the colors of the rainbow into a single radiance of brilliant Light, it will help you perceive life in all its complexity and richness. It will connect you to the subtle aspects of existence , to the invisible planes where higher energies evolve, like our guardian angels or ascended masters .

At Karma Yoga Shop, we want to offer you quality and ethical jewelry. To do this, we collaborate with suppliers who are passionate about lithotherapy, but also respectful of the environment. In addition, we ensure that everyone involved in the production of our products works under fair conditions and is paid commensurate with their work.


  • Stone: Diamond
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight: approximately 8 g
  • Dimensions: Small: from size 4; Large: from size 7

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