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“Colorful Life” Ring in Mexican Orange Opal and 925 Silver

“Colorful Life” Ring in Mexican Orange Opal and 925 Silver

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Wear this adjustable ring in Mexican orange opal and 925 silver to invite luck into your daily life.

It is indeed said that Mexican opal vibrates with an energy of luck, promoting success and abundance . With this stone on your fingers, you will seize opportunities as they fly, and thus cultivate your good fortune.

Instilling optimism and accentuating intuition , Mexican orange opal will help you see every situation beyond appearances . But also, to anticipate circumstances to make wise choices. This variety of opal will also enlighten you about a person's true intentions .

About to make a deal with someone? So let your Mexican opal ring advise you before you get started. You will definitely be on the path to success!

If you are feeling a little stuck in a situation that no longer satisfies you, Mexican opal will be a fantastic asset for inviting new energies . It will indeed inspire you to open yourself to the possibilities of life . To step out of your comfort zone to embark on new and enriching experiences!

Stimulating creativity and productivity , Mexican opal will also help you complete all your projects. Whether it's adopting healthy habits, creating a work of art or accomplishing a professional mission, she will be there to instill endurance and bright ideas in you.

Whatever your task or your goals for the day, keep this Mexican opal ring on your fingers. The orange stone will diffuse its revitalizing waves within you to tone your body and your mind .

Also wear this pretty piece of jewelry to stimulate sexual energy . Its vibration will increase your libido and help resolve problems in bed.

At Karma Yoga Shop, our jewelry is all designed with respect for human beings and the environment. From creation to packaging, to shipping to you, we ensure that everyone involved works under fair conditions. But also, that our impact on the environment is as low as possible.


  • Stone: Mexican Orange Opal
  • Weight: approximately 11.5 g
  • Dimensions: Small: from size 4.5 Large: from size 7

💍 Ring Size Guide

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