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“Fire of Transformation” Ring in Ethiopian Opal and 925 Silver

“Fire of Transformation” Ring in Ethiopian Opal and 925 Silver

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Add color to your life with this superb adjustable ring in Ethiopian opal and 925 silver !

With its iridescent reflections evoking an inferno, Ethiopian opal radiates a revitalizing and beneficial energy on all levels. She is particularly called upon for her ability to inspire positive change .

Like a transformative fire , purifying all stagnant energies, use Ethiopian opal to help you let go of the past. It will support you to transmute limiting beliefs integrated a long time ago, thus catalyzing real change.

On an emotional level, Ethiopian opal will be excellent for releasing blocked emotions . With it, you will be able to let go of your emotional baggage inherited from your past experiences, even the oldest ones. Its vibration will help you purge yourself of your anger or grief, letting their energy flow through you to promote deep healing.

On a mental level, Ethiopian opal will help you see life in all its colors and nuances. Its chromatic presence will be conducive to the flow of creativity and new ideas. Wear this Ethiopian opal and 925 silver ring both to stimulate your inventiveness, but also to open yourself to other ways of seeing things.

This jewel will open your perception : connected in particular to the higher chakras which are the crown chakra and the third eye chakra , the Ethiopian opal will connect you to the subtle information that surrounds you. It is said to be particularly effective in developing telepathy, or communication through thought.

Awakening your intuition and your psychic faculties , it will also be useful for accessing information from the higher planes of existence.

The Ethiopian opal would in particular be an excellent support for connecting to the Akashic annals , a true cosmic register of the memories of the Universe...

Please note that the 925 silver of this ring, a high quality metal, will promote the diffusion of the energy of the Ethiopian opal.

At Karma Yoga Shop, we are committed to offering you the best possible products, and always with ethical concerns in mind. With this in mind, we work with suppliers who are as passionate as they are respectful of the environment and workers involved in the production of our jewelry.


  • Stone: Ethiopian Opal
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight: approximately 6 g
  • Dimensions: Small: from size 4.5 Large: from size 7

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