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“Calm and Intuition” Necklace in Amethyst and 925 Silver

“Calm and Intuition” Necklace in Amethyst and 925 Silver

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Wear this superb "Calm and Intuition" necklace in amethyst and 925 silver to find your inner peace and connect with your intuitive wisdom.

Vibrating with a deeply calming energy, amethyst promotes mental peace and clarity of mind . It is ideal if you are subject to stress or anxiety, because it defuses catastrophic thoughts and promotes a reasoned view of things.

It also helps overcome depression, feelings of being trapped in a situation, and obsessive and harmful thought patterns. Also call on her to calm impatience.

Mystical, amethyst is also an excellent ally for spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, Reiki or the study of occult subjects. Wear it on you as a necklace to connect mentally and energetically to the invisible worlds , and allow your consciousness to open and then access higher levels of understanding.

Purifying, amethyst also helps “cleanse” the mind and detoxify the body’s energies . It dissipates both mental fog and vibrational pollution present in the aura.

On a physical level, its calming energy is particularly effective against headaches, inflammation and muscle tension linked to stress.

Connected to the crown chakra, amethyst is also a stone of higher wisdom and guidance from the higher spheres of the cosmos.

Wear this amethyst and 925 silver necklace regularly, for example to connect with the presence of your guides or guardian angels. But also, to develop your intuition and guide you on your unique path.

At Karma Yoga Shop, our jewelry is designed following an ethical approach , both on a human and environmental level. Each person involved in their creation benefited from fair working conditions and wages. At the same time, we strive to reduce our impact on ecosystems as much as possible.


  • Stone: Amethyst
  • Metal: 925 silver
  • Weight of the pendant: approximately 8.80 gr
  • Pendant dimension: around 4.15 cm
  • Chain length: about 46cm

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