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“Maternal Gentleness” Earrings in Moonstone, Amethyst and 925 Silver

“Maternal Gentleness” Earrings in Moonstone, Amethyst and 925 Silver

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These dangling earrings, adorned with an amethyst and a moonstone, are perfect if you are looking for an original piece of jewelry that is pleasant to wear.

Indeed, a deep softness emerges from these two stones, highlighted by the harmonious shapes of the 925 silver structure. The subtle purple of the amethyst and the velvety reflections of the moonstone combine to offer you a jewel of both authentic and refined .

Moonstone , symbol of the feminine , is a mineral associated with the idea of ​​gentleness, but also with that of mystical force. It is known to relieve disorders related to the female reproductive system. Wearing a moonstone brings you a feeling of comfort and security . It is a stone of passage, which helps you make a new start . It helps you connect with your feminine and develop your natural joy . It helps you connect with your inner self and dissolve energy blockages .

The vibrations of moonstone are reinforced by those of amethyst. It is considered a stone of wisdom , purity and is associated with awakening and spiritual development . It is considered to be a purifying stone , for the body and the mind; it is also used to recharge other minerals. Amethyst stimulates creativity and imagination .

The structure of these earrings is made of pure silver, a noble metal which is renowned both for its purifying virtues , but also for allowing the stones to communicate all their energy .

By wearing these earrings, you feel all the power of the feminine within you. You are confident, surrounded by an aura of gentleness and kindness, but also of creative strength . You have a clear mind and the vitality to act with determination and love .


  • Stones: Amethyst and Moonstone
  • Composition: 925 silver
  • Weight: 45g
  • Dimensions: 4.2 x 1.2 cm

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