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“Venus” Bracelet in Amethyst and 925 Silver

“Venus” Bracelet in Amethyst and 925 Silver

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Reconnect with your inner divinity by wearing this magnificent Amethyst “Venus” Bracelet.

Amethyst promotes dreams and intuition. It soothes the mind and allows you to capture messages from your subconscious.

It allows people who tend to think too much to free themselves from the incessant cycle of thoughts that assail them.

This mineral has purifying properties for the wearer's aura, allowing them to become more open-minded. Its action is known to calm headaches.

Amethyst is known to cure impatience, balance the energies of the higher spheres, bring clarity and help keep one grounded.

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  • Materials: Amethyst, 925 silver
  • Stone size: 6x9 mm
  • Weight: 6.4g
  • Total length: 21.2 cm

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