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Sticker “Life is beautiful”

Sticker “Life is beautiful”

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Repeat this sentence out loud over and over...
Life is more beautiful than ever when you see it in its best light!

Give a positive note in beauty with this superb sticker with a unique design exclusive to Karma Yoga Shop in pastel and magical colors!

“Life is beautiful” is nothing other than a simple phrase that we tend to forget because we are so caught up in the daily routine and its hazards, which are sometimes hard and complicated to live with.
This is why it is important to remember how life also has beautiful things to offer us.

Stick this sentence full of positivity on the flat surface of the object of your choice such as your computer, your water bottle, your phone or even your notebook.
Give your objects a personal touch that suits you!


  • Materials: white vinyl
  • Dimensions: 7 x 10 cm

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