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Namaste Sticker

Namaste Sticker

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Illustrate your spiritual intention with this superb sticker with a unique design, exclusive to Karma Yoga Shop and multi-colored!

“Namaste” is a Sanskrit term which literally corresponds to a word in 3 syllables: Nama , which means “to bow”, as means “I” and finally translates to “you”.
We can therefore deduce that this expression has the meaning: “I bow to you” and can be translated by a gesture of recognition of the other meaning “The light that is in me recognizes and salutes the light that is in you” .

In addition to a simple greeting, it is therefore also a deep thank you and a sincere mark of respect that we ask for or show to the person we are addressing.

Stick this sentence full of recognition and respect on the object of your choice such as a computer, a telephone or even a notebook.

Did you know ?
The Namasté gesture symbolizes the belief that there is a divine light within each of us, located in the heart chakra. This gesture is a sign of recognition from one soul to another soul.


  • Materials: white vinyl
  • Dimensions: 11.7 x 5 cm

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