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Green Aventurine Wand

Green Aventurine Wand

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If you are looking for a healing stone that promotes success , helps eliminate blockages and to harmonize energy , this green aventurine wand will satisfy you.

The natural stone baguette is very popular in energy therapies because its shape allows the energy of the stones to be channeled and sent in a certain direction. We can thus work more precisely on a chakra or an area of ​​the body. Energy flows from the base of the wand to the tip.

Green aventurine has a powerful anti stress very important, it is recommended for nervous people because it helps them regain their calm. It can help people who have difficulty controlling their emotions and anger, by allowing them to take a step back from what they are experiencing .

Green aventurine is famous bring luck and success . It allows you to evolve and abandon obsolete thought patterns . So you master your free will and find your freedom to think and act in the direction that your instinct tells you.

Indeed, this stone is reputed to bring clairvoyance : with its help you perceive things as they are beyond illusions . It thus promotes self-knowledge.

Green aventurine acts on the heart chakra , which governs emotions. It helps to feel love and compassion; it promotes harmonious relationships, tolerance, acceptance and openness .

This stone has many virtues, notably to relieve skin problems, liver, eye and heart problems . It is said to relieve nausea in pregnant women and helps children grow . Green aventurine also relieves teething pain in babies.


  • Stone: Green Aventurine
  • Dimensions: 30g
  • Weight: 5x2 cm


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