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Lapis Lazuli Wand

Lapis Lazuli Wand

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This lapis lazuli stone wand is ideal if you are looking for a stone to help you provide healing. energy care .

Indeed, lapis lazuli is believed to have numerous physical and mental benefits. The shape of the wand allows energy to be directed from the base to the box to provide targeted care on a part of the body or on a chakra .

Lapis lazuli has a protective effect on the body. We use it against headaches, to promote breathing, the entire ENT system and more broadly the nervous system. It would also have a beneficial influence on the kidneys and bladder and the minerals which compose it would contribute to the health of muscles and bones.

This stone has a very strong soothing power. It wards off stress and helps fight depression.

Lapis lazuli is associated with 3rd eye chakra and brings clairvoyance. It helps to develop righteousness, honesty and compassion . This captivating blue stone is also associated with throat chakra. It helps you express and accept your emotions.


  • Stone: Lapis Lazuli
  • Weight: 40g
  • Dimensions: 6x2 cm

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